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Electrical/Electronic Distribution Systems: Develops automotive products through engineering, quality and design systems deployed from the planning to the validation of the product, complying with quality, service, cost, technology and environmental requirements.

The products are focused on:

• 12 V electrical distribution systems
• Electrical distribution systems for hybrid vehicles
• Electronic lighting systems
• Safety and emergency devices
• War Room and competitive intelligence
• Cost engineering  

Electronics and Safety (E&S): Development of embedded software, systems, tests and verifications for automotive applications focusing on:

• Satellite radio 
• Entertainment systems
• Airbag trigger control
• Passenger detection
• Navigation systems
• Telematics
• Lighting
• Impact sensors
• Mechatronics
• Reprogramming systems

The majority of the products are for export and simultaneous engineering is carried out with other Technology Centers in Asia, Europe, the United States and Mexico. We also are also seeking the automation and improvement of design and manufacturing processes, specifically in: the analysis and documentation of the client’s requirements, development and execution of functional testing procedures and of software to check that the products comply with the client’s requirements; functional verification tests on different product lines in the field of vehicle entertainment and communications. Tests on the vehicles’ safety systems and control systems such as airbags, passenger detection, control panels and entertainment systems.