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In the Arela Apaseo Plant, there is a specialized center for the design, development, manufacture and installation of test and harness assembly tools.

This center has the capacity to carry out the design of electrical testing devices, test modules using CAD and Solid Works applications for the manufacture of the electro pneumatic test modules. We also have the capacity to manufacture continuity devices or continuity holders (ALRO type benches) and the manufacture of resin assembly holders for assembly boards.

Among the principal applications of the devices we should mention:

• The checking of the electrical integrity of the harness verifying its 100% continuity.

• Inverted cables or short circuits.

• Detection of circuits that do not belong to the harness or missing circuits. 

• Detection of components.

• Functional tests of active components such as relays, lamps and electronic cards.

• Functional tests of passive components such as resistances, capacitors and temperature or pressure sensors. 

• Vision systems for fuse boxes and other components, vacuum tests, presence and printing of labels and retention systems to disallow the use of a non-compliant product. 

• The great variety of applications and our wide experience enable us to offer expert advice on electrical testing systems to our clients.