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Carlos Slim Helú summarizes in 10 items what he considers  have been the enterprise principles of the Group , which have been extended to his relatives, co-workers and work teams.

1. Keep simple structures , organizations with minimal hierarchies . Enhance human development and internal training of employees, as well as flexibility and speed in decision -making. In short, try to operate with the advantages of a small business, which is what makes big companies big.

2. Maintaining austerity in good times is something that strengthens, capitalizes and accelerates the development of the company. It also avoids the bitter drastic adjustments when crises arrive.

3. Always be active on modernization, growth, training, quality, simplification and the continuous improvement of production processes. It is essential to increase competitiveness and productivity. And there’s need to be compared to the best, as if we were athletes.

4. Businesses should never be limited to the extent of the owner or administrator. Do not fall into the trap of feeling big fish in a small pond and make a minimum investment in assets that do not yield enough.

5. There is no challenge that cannot be overcome by working together, with clear objectives and recognizing instruments.

6. The money that leaves the company evaporates, therefore, have to reinvest.

7. Corporate creativity is not only applicable to business; it is also the solution to many of the problems of the countries.

8. The firm and patient optimism always pays off, unlike the euphoria or fantasy optimism.

9. All the times are good for those who know how to work and have to do it with.

10. Our premise is to always remember that we’ll leave with nothing, we can only do things in life, and that the employer is only a creator of wealth that manages temporarily.