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Condumex has wide experience in the shipping and delivery of products to the client. When a delivery based on just-in-time processes is needed, we operate sequencing processes from the time we receive the client’s request for the production of the harness to the delivery of the harnesses in the point of use on the vehicle assembly line.

In order to be able to comply with these requirements, we have developed our own system based on the modular manufacture of harnesses, which contemplates electronic communication, the interconnection of process controls and shipping in real time.

Our manufacturing areas are designed to adapt specifically to each harness model and have the necessary equipment to enable us to carry out the assembly, splicing and joints of the circuits corresponding to each part number. At the end of the assembly line the testing software is in line with the client’s manufacture request, guaranteeing that only the end product authorized for manufacture will be relsed.

We also carry out sequencing service at the customer’s plant, receiving the finished product directly in our manufacturing plant. Placing the product in the reception area the breaking of the packaging is carried out according to the sequence provided by the client and the product is placed at the point of use on the final assembly line.