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Electrical wire harnesses for the automotive industry

CONDUMEX Autoparts develops technological solutions in connectivity, security, and energy that provide value and confidence to customers in the mobility industry, with the design, development, manufacturing, logistics, and sequential delivery of electrical and electronic distribution systems.

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Our achievements throughout history

Average years of seniority of administrative staff
Programs where we provide with electrical systems
Wire Harness Plants

Electrical systems for American OEM customers

Manufacturing of Automotive Wire Harnesses for American OEMs and sequential deliveries


Electrical systems for European and Asian OEMS

Modular Manufacturing or Automotive Wire Harnesses: Body, IP, Chassis, Engine, Alternator, Doors, Fascia, Side Mirrors, Fuel Tank, HVAC, Sunroofs, KSK & JIT


Electrical systems for TIER customers

Engine, Body, Instrument Panel, Trunk, Lamps (front, fog lights, rear), Doors, Sunroof, Chassis, Seats, Steering Wheel, Fascias, Fuel Tank, and HVAC.

40 years of experience and quality with the highest international standards for the manufacturing of automotive electrical systems, first-class technology and comprehensive service processes.

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