The most recent Simulation and computer-modeling tools.


We can collaborate as a Full Service Supplier or a Build to Print.


Wide variety of cables.


Engineering, design and manufacturing.

The design and development of our products is supported by the Carso Research and Development Center including simulation testing, predictive reliability testing such as mechanical characterization, thermoelectric characterization, corrosion stress, dynamic stress, thermal stress, circuit protection device testing, current simulation, finite element analysis, which are all important parts of our robust design and development process.

Based on strategic needs or requirements we can also work in collaboration with Aptiv, adding the strengths of both companies.


Design and Technical Development

To support our Customers in the design and development of electrical distribution systems with the constant current technological changes and increasing complexity, we have the latest computer modeling and simulation tools to provide the best engineering solutions.

More than 25 years working on automotive electrical wire harness projects as a full service provider demonstrates our experience and capability in the activities of Design Release Engineering (DRE), Supplier Support Engineering (SSE), component design engineering, application engineering, product engineering and test engineering, applying the tools required by the Customer such as NX, CATIA, EBCable, LDorado, Solid Works and in-house development software tools.


Wire Harnesses

The automotive electrical wire harnesses are systems of power and signal distribution integrated mainly by cables, terminals, connectors, fasteners, tapes, or protection elements among others; they transmit electrical signals from one point to another to activate the operation of the different systems, modules, and devices of the vehicles. We are suppliers with capacity of design and development of product and process focused to deliver the best solutions to our clients.


Cables and Solutions

The cables are products integrated by electrical conductors and protected with an insulating material, we have design and product development and automotive cable process for several solutions in low and high voltage applications, copper, aluminum, and alloy conductors; thermoplastic and thermosetting insulation from 80º to 200 ° C.

Automotive Solutions Portfolio


Tooling Center

In order to respond efficiently to the market needs, we have an Internal Tooling Center, where we develop: Engineering, design and manufacturing of tooling for the assembly and electrical testing benches for validation of wire harnesses, as well as products for the automation of processes in the industrial sector.



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